The Documentary

Watch a bite-sized version of Breaking the News below:

Somewhere around the 2016 presidential election, people started responding…strangely to my journalism major. Uber drivers, family friends, even my doctor all questioned why I wanted to pursue a profession they viewed as biased and untrustworthy. And they weren’t the only ones: it felt like everywhere I turned, people were bashing the news media. So, I spent the summer before my senior year at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism trying to figure out why journalism seemed to have developed such a credibility problem.

I drove around the country interviewing hundreds of news consumers, politicians, and journalists. I ended up having conversations with everyone from Ralph Nader to editors of the New York Times, the Atlantic, Vox and POLITICO.

The result was Breaking the News: a feature-length documentary about distrust in the news media. This bite-sized version is meant to serve as a preview. To view the full version, email or use the “contact us” page.

The Blog

NYC Premiere

Breaking the News premiered in NYC on the night of Thursday, November 30th at the Future Project in Union Square and we couldn’t be more excited by how it was received! The screening was followed by a Q&A with a panel of journalists and educators. The audience asked thought-provoking questions about everything from journalism’s business model …

POLITICO: A Business Model that Works

If office snack quality is any indication of financial success, than you could say POLITICO knows what it’s doing when it comes to establishing a sustainable business model. But wait, isn’t journalism’s business model at the root of our collective journalistic woes? Ordinarily, yes. But in sitting down with POLITICO’s VP of Audience Solutions, Cally …

Who We Are



Rachel made a documentary in high school about, well, high school and while she was studying journalism, she made a documentary about…journalism. Since graduating, she moved to Brooklyn like seemingly every other 22-year-old in the country and began working as a storyteller and filmmaker for a global health non-profit.


Sammi grew up wanting to be a teacher, and then a therapist, and then a teacher and a therapist, and now is going to college to study how people think and feel. One day, she was helping Rachel with her thinking and feeling and then quickly realized this project is entirely about our collective thoughts and feelings and joined the team.


Niki began her career in journalism in high school by working as an editor for her school paper, but in college she realized her true passion was video journalism. Now she spends her time producing and reporting for the Northwestern News Network, and napping every chance she gets.


Lauren decided on her career path after watching Marley & Me, thinking to herself that being a columnist like Owen Wilson’s character sounded fun and fresh. Now a freshman in Medill, Lauren spends her time making to do lists, playing field hockey, and writing emails to potential sources for Breaking the News.


Emma started a print magazine about horses when she was eight, and has been obsessed with graphic design ever since. Her favorite font is Fira and she hates when the spacing on things is just a liiiittle off. When she’s not buried in the Adobe Suite, she might be found practicing calligraphy or running a marathon.


Ryan has been writing and producing music since he was but a wee lad. He loves spending his time in 8×8 practice rooms and listening to the same 3 seconds of music on repeat to line his clips up juuuuust right.